Why should you choose P-B Health as your home care agency?

An Agency You Can Trust

When you or someone you love is in need of in-home medical or personal care services, you must have someone you can trust with their care come to your home. Whether your needs are temporary or on-going, the professionals who provide the care from the agency that you select will have a direct and lasting impact on you or your loved ones healing process. The patient always has the right to choose their home health care provider.

What are the factors that should help you make your health care decision?

There are many reasons that physicians and caseworkers in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-care facilities make referrals over and over again to P-B Health Home Care Agency.

Primarily, we demonstrate our commitment to high quality care on a daily basis, with every patient. At P-B Health, we meet the same standards required in the hospital’s own certification process which allows the patient a smooth transition to continued care at home.

Secondly, we honor and respect any relationships that our patients have already established in the medical or other care giving professions. We keep the lines of communication open to these professionals so that patients experience a continuity of care. Many physicians and other professionals at referring agencies have come to know us personally over the years and we work to keep that trust.

Thirdly, we individualize every care plan and apply individualized care to each patient, from every walk of life. Our staff is especially sensitive to cultural issues related to those populations that are medically underserved or who have complex health care needs. We foster the independence of our patients while encouraging them to live with dignity. In this way we bring high quality comprehensive health services to all communities.

Finally, we are a mid-size owner operated agency, which allows us to minimize and often eliminate the bureaucratic red tape that can slow down the services of larger organizations. Issues related to access to care and quality of patient care are addressed quickly and individually. This contributes to our high rates of recovery and patient satisfaction. Our rate of discharge is among the fastest of Maryland averages.

We invite you to try our services.

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